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☆⌒ヽEdge of Heaven ⌒☆

♪ Fate and Dreams Bursting at the Scene ★

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ジョアン [Joan]

Live. Laugh. Love.

The Girl
I'm Joan. Filipina. I have little Chinese and Spanish blood. I adore Japan and Britain a lot ever since I was a kid and dreams to go there someday. I like having new friends from different walks of life. I have a busy life and I seldom have the time on my hands but I always try to update this blog or do something fun.

I love to eat, read, take pictures of places and things, play sports, travel, discover new things, paint and draw, watch movies and anime/TV series, surf the net and create whatever. ❤

God. Family. Friends. Rob. Cute things. Japan. Britain. Philippines. Travel. Photography. Fireworks. Food. Jdramas. Kdramas. The rain. Laughing like an idiot. Music. Dancing in a stupid way. Singing in the showers. Baking and cooking. Chocolates. Cookies. Sweets. Books. Harry Potter. Colorful things. Sports. Running. My dog, Pipay. Pizza. Pasta. Classical Music. Japanese/Korean fashion style. Fashion. Movies.

If you want to see my icons, refer to the tags. My journal is semi-friends locked but any one is free to add me. Before adding please see this post (to those who want to be added back). Thanks. (〃^∇^)

This journal reflects my thoughts, opinions, ideas, and concepts. It does not represent my family, my friends, or my dog. Journal is subject to change without notice. Text enlarged to show detail. For recreational use only.

@_@, ^_^, abnkkbsnplako!?, akazukin chacha, alice academy, alice gakuen, anime, archery, art, arts, bamboo, banners, bases, beach, being happy, being myself, being odd, biking, bob ong books, books, brushes, cake, candy, card captor sakura, cherry blossoms, chobits, chocolates, chronicle of the wings, chrono cross, clamp, code geass, coldplay, collecting stuff, computers, cookies, creating blogs, detective conan, dogs, drawing, drums, eating, edward elric, fantasy, fashion, fencing, field trips, film making, films, fireworks, flowers, food, friends, full metal panic, fullmetal alchemist, garfield, guitars, hana kimi, hana yori dango, hanazakari no kimitachi e, harry potter, hazuki kei, hikaru, honey-senpai, hyuuga natsume, ice pop, icons, ikuta toma, imago, internet, inuyasha, itazura na kiss, j.k. rowling, japan, jdoramas, kamikazee, kanata, kaoru, kashim, kitchie nadal, lala, layouts, lifehouse, listening to music, literature, lotr, lovebars, lovely complex, manga, matsumoto jun, memories, mikan sakura, movies, mp3s, music, mythical creatures, nakatsu shuichi, natsume, natsume hyuuga, ouran host club, paboritong libro ni hudas, painting, paramore, parokya ni edgar, pasta, philosophy, photo editing, photography, photoshop, piano, pillows, playing sports, poetry, psychology, reading, roadtrips, sagara sousuke, sakura mikan, screencaps, session road, simple plan, sketching, sleeping, snoopy, snow patrol, songwriting, special a, spongecola, staying up till morning, stonefree, story of the year, strolling, summer, surfing the net, switchfoot, syaoran, talking to people, tamaki, teddy bears, textures, tokimeki, traveling, up dharma down, video games, violin, watching movies, watching tv, web design, writing, yakitate japan, yellowcard

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